Treatment Costs

At The Fertility Center, we know that nothing should stand in the way of building your family — not even money. The Fertility Center offers a wide range of treatment options for those who are facing fertility issues.

We believe that infertility is a health issue and that anyone who suffers from it should be able to take advantage of the latest technology.  For this reason, it is our priority to keep our In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) costs as affordable as possible, as well as provide in-house programs like our Assured IVF Program  and  Family Building Fund, to assist our patients financially. Our Assured IVF Program allows you to limit the amount of money “at risk” when you choose IVF. Our Family Building Fund is a great resource that IVF patients can apply for to receive grant funding to help cover the cost of the procedure. We invite you to learn more about these programs and compare our costs and success rates with other IVF clinics. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Since every situation is unique, we are not able to quote an exact price for everyone prior to your new patient appointment. If you are interested in pursuing any treatment options, we highly recommend contacting your insurance company as a first step in exploring your out-of-pocket costs. Once you know what your benefits are, we have specialized financial consultants available to discuss more specific pricing. While our consultants are available to assist you at any time during this process, they are able to provide more exact information once you’ve met with one of our physicians and know what testing and/or procedures need to happen next. If you’d like to contact one of our consultants directly, please call 877-904-4483, ext. 102. We are happy to assist you in any way we can.

For additional financial assistance options, contact Advance Care Card, an outside financing company.