Egg Donor Information


The Fertility Center is currently in need of egg donors, especially non-Caucasian donors, for patients on our waiting list.  To begin the process, review ALL the criteria and information below.  If you meet the criteria and are interested in being an egg donor, contact us at 616-988-4602 to get started!

The financial compensation for egg donation is $3000 per cycle. Certain criteria will be required before this will be paid to a donor.

  • The donor will need to be reliable with ALL appointments and take all medications correctly.
  • The donor MUST be available by phone on any appointment day so that we can contact her by phone with further instructions. Failure to do so will greatly jeopardize the cycle and may impact the number of eggs retrieved.
  • The donor will have an adequate response to the fertility medications (retrieval of at least 4 mature follicles) and have adequate Estradiol levels.
  • The donor MUST remain a non-smoker!! If at any time we determine that you are smoking, the cycle will be cancelled.

If a cycle is cancelled by The Fertility Center for any of the following reasons, the financial compensation will be $250.

  • Poor response to the fertility medications and < 4 mature eggs retrieved.
  • Estradiol levels drop while taking the fertility medications.
  • Risk of ovarian hyperstimulation is too high to proceed with egg retrieval.
  • Premature LH surge or ovulation prior to egg retrieval.
  • Failure to retrieve eggs at retrieval for unknown reasons. (rare)

Most of these situations are rare in young, healthy donors. If hyperstimulation occurs, the donor can try again to donate if she desires. We would prescribe lower medications and in the majority of cases, the repeat attempt is successful.

Reimbursement checks are mailed out 7-10 days after the egg retrieval procedure is done. Please contact our office if you have NOT received it.


  • Donor withdraws from the program.
  • Laboratory testing on donor are abnormal.
  • Donor is unreliable with appointments and/or is unable to be reached by phone on appointment dates.
  • Donor makes errors in medications causing a poor response to the fertility meds or problems retrieving eggs.
  • Evidence that the donor is smoking and/or taking drugs. Nicotine levels may be drawn with other blood samples and sent without prior notice. This would be done if we suspect you are smoking.
  • Evidence that the donor is mentally unstable during the donation cycle.

Egg Donor Information – Click Here!

If you’ve reviewed the above information and meet the required criteria, click here to complete a preliminary application. One of our donor coordinators can then contact you regarding possible donation.