Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation

For many patients, receiving donated embryos may be the only way they can deliver a child of their own.

Patients considering donating their embryos can change the lives of others, while allowing their remaining embryos to potentially survive.  Embryo donors must complete a medical and social history form, which the recipient couple will receive. Donors are also required to attend one appointment with our counselor and physician (to complete required testing and screening). Total appointment time is approximately 2 hours. Until all steps are completed, you will continue to pay your embryo storage fees. There is no charge to you for this appointment and after your donation we will mail you $100 to help offset the cost of your time and expenses (or if you owe cryopreservation fees, you can use it as a credit to your account).

Note that completing these steps does not guarantee you will be eligible to donate your embryos, but the vast majority of people fulfill all eligibility requirements.   If you would like to specify that your embryos go to a specific type of patient (e.g. married couple, etc.), we can honor most requests.  We also make sure that matched couples are at least 30miles apart. If you would like more information about this option, please contact one of our Donor Coordinator Nurses at (616) 988-4602.

Embryo donation to research is not currently an available option at our office. If you have questions about this change, Kim Hunt in our laboratory can help answer those questions:  (616) 285-7541.  She can also help you if you choose to discard your embryos.

If you are uncertain which option is best for you, you may choose to meet with our fertility counselor to help with your decision.  You can make an appointment with our front desk for a no fee phone consult or an appointment in person to help make the decision that is right for you.